My Recommendations for Websites, Apps, and Bibles

There are a billion websites, a million and a half apps, and I’m sure hundreds, if not thousands of Bibles out there for you choose to from. Let me help you narrow things down a little. These are some of my top picks for websites, apps, and Bibles that can be excellent resources for the average Christian.


cbdProbably the best place online to purchase Christian books, DVDs, and Church resources. Good prices. Delivered to your door. Careful with the US prices and shipping costs… sometimes, you’ll find the same thing for a little cheaper at Chapters or another Canadian retailer.

gotquestionsA huge collection of good answers to just about any Biblical or Theological question.


The Source For Parents. From author, blogger, teacher, Youth Pastor Jonathan McKee – this website contains a lot of helpful, up-to-date, info for parents of teenagers.


youversionYouVersion. The most popular Bible app for mobile devices. Read the Bible directly on your device in multiple versions. Includes daily verses, Bible reading plans with built-in reminders, have the app read the Bible to you, and more.


The Bible App for Kids. Kid approved!  By the people who brought you YouVersion The Bible App. A great way for kids to interact with the Story and meaning of the Bible.

thestoryappThe Story. Remind yourself of the basics of the Gospel, and use this app as tool to help you share “The Story” with your friends.

NewLife. A great app created by the Canadian Gideons. Provides answers to hard questions. A good app for people who are still discovering Jesus and trying to find answers.


jesus_storybook_bibleThe best beginner Bible ever! A must have for kids 6 and under.

HandsOnBibeNLT The New Living Translation (NLT) is easy to understand for kids, youth, and even adults! This NLT Hands-On Bible is one of the most popular for elementary age kids.

AB COVER.inddFor the boy in your life who had no interest in reading the Bible. This might just do the trick.

nlt-teen-bibleProbably the best Teen Bible on the market right now. Easy to understand language, and real life application articles that really well done. Helps teens to dig deep into the Word and apply it to life. NLT (New Living Translation).

esvstudentPastor’s pick for the best Bible for college & university students.

esvsbThe English Standard Version is arguably the best English translation of the Bible that we have today. It is a word-for-word translation, that also tries to capture the poetic feel of the King James Version while still being easy to understand in today’s language. The Study Bible features notes, articles, and diagrams from a wide range of today’s top conservative Bible scholars.