Due to safety concerns with Covid-19 we have had to make some changes to our regular routine in order to have indoor Sunday services. The points below are subject to change and we expect them to change as time goes by.

We urge anyone who feels uncomfortable attending indoor services at this time to stay home and access the service online.  Similarly, if anyone is experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and watch online rather than attending in person.


    General use of the building
  •  building is closed to the public except for certain hours Wednesday when drop-offs can be made to the
  • building signage to promote frequent handwashing and directions to hand sanitizer posted hand sanitizer minimum 60% alcohol-based readily available inside building
  • anyone entering the building to wash hands/use sanitizer upon entry, to avoid touching any surfaces, and to clean any surfaces after use
  • anyone who has been outside the province or who is exhibiting symptoms not permitted into the building
  • anyone involved in church activities in any location to maintain physical distancing of two metres
  • use of washroom permitted providing social distancing and handwashing
  • masks required at all times
  • anyone entering the building records date, name, and contact phone number for contact tracing 
  • essential personnel only including preacher, musician, elder for announcement/prayer, tech person
  • essential personnel wearing mask from exiting vehicle to re-entry; all keeping 2 metres distance during entire service
  • only individual speaking or singing to remove mask and no one else on platform or within 2 metres during that time
  • streamed via Facebook and YouTube 
  • Small group meetings suspended or moved online during RED phase 
  • Encourage weekly offerings via e-transfer
  • Donations or food bank items to be dropped off at the church Wednesdays between 10-2 – placed on table or desk, not transferred hand to hand 

    Sunday morning worship services (indoor) ORANGE PLAN
  • conducted on Facebook Live beginning March 22, 2020 as a way to participate from home
  • masks worn from exiting vehicles to return to vehicles & throughout entire service
  • Contact information collected at entrance
  • Church bulletin available for pick-up on a table, not distributed personally
  • No congregational or group singing
  • Any singer/speaker on the platform must be 4 metres away from congregation
  • Congregation to sit in household groupings only
  • Tech team = 1 person 
  • Maximum 50 people at one service
    Small group gatherings/leadership meetings/ ceremonies ORANGE PLAN
  • All measures followed in regular church services
  • currently, church building is not available to groups outside the church
  • small meetings and small gatherings only at this time
  • no shared food/drinks
  • if church is used for a funeral or wedding, maximum 25 participants with all other precautions as for regular services
    Youth Group gatherings ORANGE
  • Effective Nov 27, no youth group meetings for next 2 weeks while Orange level continues
    Receiving donations or payments ORANGE
  • Encourage weekly offerings via e-transfer
  • Donations or food bank items to be dropped off at the church Wednesdays between 10-2 – placed on table or desk, not transferred hand to hand
  • If money is handled, ensure regular handwashing after use or minimum 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer 
    Church Office
  • In the office no mask is required by 1 person working there; if another comes in, both wear masks 
  • HORIZON HEALTH using building for COVID-19 testing beginning January 22, 2021 

    • areas of the building that are used for testing team are clearly marked off
    • anyone needing to enter the building for church reasons during testing hours enters via side door and does not overlap with testing team areas
    • testing team areas thoroughly cleaned daily by Horizon Health as per contract

    Last Updated 29 January, 2021